"Internal walls"


Most older homes have a layout that is not functional for the needs of modern day life.

Today’s homes bring new necessities to ensure a more comfortable experience for the whole family. In this context, it is normal that there is a need to remodel their interior, starting from the walls, where possibly some of them will have to be knocked down to provide more space, new partition walls will have to be built, or even the case of a window or door that will need to be blocked up.

We can help you make the most of your existing area.

Our fully insured highly qualified professionals can cater to all your home improvement needs like:

Take down internal walls

Knocking down walls is not an easy task, in some cases, it can also be structurally unwise because some internal walls can play an essential role in holding the building together.

However, we will inspect the walls and carefully advise on which walls can and can’t be taken down easily. We will then remove them and do the desired layout alterations to make the space more comfortable, spacious, airy and bright.

Build partition walls

If you’re planning on splitting a room or just want to create a more private and reserved space to work or relax, Odyssey Home Improvements can help you.

With quality workmanship and attention to detail, our in-house staff will source all products required, ensuring that you have your desired partition walls built, installed, plastered and painted in no time.

Block up doors or windows

When changing the layout of your home you may find that you need to block up an existing doorway that you don’t need anymore, or a window that now is in the wrong place and needs to be relocated, but you don’t need to worry because our highly- skilled in-house professionals will handle the task efficiently, with the highest standard for quality of work.

All our building jobs no matter how big or small, are project managed from start to finish so that you can have the hassle-free renovation process you want and deserve.

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