"Attic Stairs"


The attic is one of the most forgotten and unused spaces in our homes, but with the help and expertise of Odyssey Home Improvements, you will be able to make full use of that area for easy and convenient storage.

Take full advantage of your attic space.

We can supply, install and fit from scratch a wide selection of fold up attic stairs and can also sheet out the Attic floor for extra storage space.

Tucked away when not in use, an attic fold up stair provides safe and easy access to a new-found storage space. They allow us to place an access staircase to an upper floor comfortably and simply, thanks to its system that enables you to unfold them only when needed, it’s just necessary to leave the required space for the stairs to unfold. Adults can quickly fold down the stairs in seconds.

The characteristics of this type of attic stairs make them ideal for reduced spaces. When they are folded down, they almost don’t take up any space while giving access to the attic. For this purpose, it has a mechanism that allows it to be easily retrieved when the access door is closed so that the stairs are stored and hidden.

Attic fold up stairs can actually make the difference between a storage space that truly gets utilized and one that is quickly forgotten, along with its contents.

Our friendly and highly qualified in-house staff will provide a hassle-free installation.

Once they arrive at your property, they will start working right away, installing and fitting your new attic fold up stairs in a quick, secure and professional manner. When this is finished, they will demonstrate it in action certifying that everything is working properly, providing you with a secure and easy way to get into your attic whenever you need.

After the job is done, they will clean everything properly while always making sure they leave your house in the same pristine condition they found it in.

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