A wet room is the ultimate luxury in bathroom design. Suitable for both large and small spaces, when it comes to making a real statement, a wet room is impossible to beat providing a sleek and contemporary upgrade to any bathroom.

Who wouldn’t want to have a relaxing spa-like space in their house to use and enjoy every day?

Looking incredibly elegant and stylish a wet room will undoubtedly add a “wow” factor to your home. They are also highly functional, being easier to clean and to maintain than a more traditional bathroom.

Having a fully watertight room with a walk-in shower not only looks fantastic but it is also very convenient too. Not having a conventional shower tray or enclosure, makes getting in and out of the shower much more accessible and a very suitable solution for those with restricted mobility.

So if you are more of a shower person and almost never use the bathtub why not invest in a wet room?

Adding a wet room will increase the value of your property as they tend to bring that high-quality spa and 5-star luxury hotel feel to mind and have a particular high-value status.

Wet rooms are also the perfect option if you want to make the most out of a small bathroom and can be installed on any house floor and even in an apartment with the right fitter. The key is understanding that this requires special design and installation solutions beyond that of a a standard bathroom.

Odyssey Home Improvements can help you.

We combine quality craft, superior knowledge, and affordable prices to provide you with the best possible service.

Our team of certified plumbers will ensure that the room is entirely waterproofed and the drainage system gets set up correctly so that you don’t face any leakage problems and enjoy your new wet room to the fullest.

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