"Doors, Skirtings and architraves"


Door frames, skirting boards and architraves usually are not things that instantly stand out in the vast majority of houses, but if done wrong you will quickly notice them!

An Architrave is the woodwork that surrounds a door or window as well as running around the room at ceiling level and gives the door a neat finish.

Skirting runs around the base of your walls and provides a clean finish between the walls and the floor. A Skirting board is usually made of timber that is moulded on the face side, slightly bevelled at the bottom and with a recess at the back.

Beautifully crafted, both are decorative features that can really complement a door and provide the perfect finishing touch for any room, but if by any chance they become damaged, splintered or damp or don’t match the new decor of the room the best thing to do is to replace them.

We can take care of all your home improvement needs.

We offer a complete skirting boards and architraves installation or replacement service that will provide the perfect finishing touch to any room and elevate its decoration to a whole other level.

In order to substitute the door architraves or skirting boards, our carpenters will first meticulously remove these from around the door and floor. Because these items are merely decorative and don’t support anything, they are easy and safe to remove.

Once they have been removed from the wall, our staff will clean up the area around them, remove any old nails or glue and prepare the fitting of the new ones.

Absolute precision combined with years of experience and quality craft will help our in-house team of exceptionally skilled, highly trained craftsmen complete the installation exactly the way you envisioned. Always on time and on budget, as we aim to deliver top-notch results every time!

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