"Wall Panelling"


Largely admired and used for its classical beauty, wall panels are an exclusive style of decorating any house wall.

Very versatile, it can be made to look modern by using plain painted panels or veneer boards with their natural grain or made to re-capture a style of a more classical era, in particular, Victorian and Georgian, perfect in traditional properties with ornate features and mouldings.

Besides looking beautiful, there are plenty of other reasons to fit wall panelling in your house. It can be utilized to hide uneven or unattractive surfaces and provides a durable wall covering in significant traffic areas, such as hallways and staircases.

Wall panelling is a fantastic feature to have in the house, and the diversity of styles and finishes means it works in virtually any interior scheme. Having a bespoke-made panelling installed by a professional is always going to look great and fit perfectly.

If you want to install wood panelling on your property, we are here to help you.

The kind of panelling you choose will have a major repercussion on the general decor of the division, so we can work with you on selecting the one that best matches the interior style and the architectural period of the building.

Your chosen wooden wall panels will then be carefully handled and mounted to perfectly fit your property’s style and dimensions.

Our in-house team of experts will take care of everything including the supply of all the suitable materials needed for the project, working swiftly and efficiently to present you with your new wall panelling without leaving any debris or dust behind.

With Odyssey Home Improvements you will get the peace of mind you deserve knowing that the installation and renovation work done on your property will be carried out to the highest of standards… yours.

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