Caring for your home is essential to maintaining that sense of peace and comfort within, and painting is one of the best ways to convey these feelings and possibly one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to improve and add real value to any house.

Painting your house may seem something relatively easy to do, but there are several factors that can really complicate this task even before getting the paint on the walls. From making the right colour selection to the preparation of the surfaces, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and prevent you from getting the results you envision. This is why it is always advisable to get this job done by professionals.

Whether you want to change the colours and freshen up a room, create a focal wall or even repaint and change the style & feel of your entire home, our in-house master painters are the right people for the job.

Interior or exterior, let us take care of all your house painting needs.

If you are looking to beautify, protect and value your property Odyssey Home Improvements is the Right Choice!

We only use premium quality materials and surface preparation techniques that will provide your home with beautiful, easy to maintain lasting results.

Our team of skilled painters will arrive in the designated place at the agreed time and will start taking care of all the necessary protection and carefully prepare all spaces to paint before beginning any painting work. We cover the floor, the furniture, clean and repair cracks and holes in the walls if necessary. We can also assist in the removal of wallpaper or other small fixes.

In the case of having small decorative and fragile objects, we recommend to remove them the day before painting to facilitate the work of the painters in the preparation of the space.

We are dedicated to the utmost customer satisfaction, and this is why we assign a project manager to every project, which will guide you through every step of the way from paint selection to the application and clean up.

Odyssey Home Improvements is your one-stop-shop for home renovations and retrofits in South County Dublin.

We strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer. Our professionalism is evident from the first initial meeting, straight to the completion of each project.

We have the experience and knowledge to handle every job, no matter how big or small and work hard to make everything perfect and get the job done on time and hassle-free.

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