Professional Wall Rendering Services

At Odyssey Home Improvements our team of qualified in-house plasterers is also highly skilled in providing various rendering services.

Rendering is basically the process of applying cement to a brickwork or concrete wall, to ensure a textured or smooth finish. Render is an excellent way to protect your exterior walls from the elements and avoid damp penetration, and the harder the weather conditions are, the richer the mix should be on these exposed walls.

The main components of traditional render are sand, cement, lime, and water.

Lime gives it a creamier texture with increased elasticity, reducing the chance of cracks once dried. The choice of sand is also critical. It is essential to ensure it is of good quality and without any impurities. Render may also contain coloured pigments if required as well as additives to help slow the drying process.

Our rendering is always carried out by one of our seasoned professional teams ensuring a consistent and excellent quality of service.

Whether being internal blown walls that need rendering and skimming or external walls that need traditional sand and cement or even modern pre-mixed acrylic rendering, our experienced team can take care of it all.

The main steps of a rendering process include:

1. Preparing the wall for rendering

2. Mixing the render components

3. Applying the “scratch coat” of render to the wall

4. Scratching the first coat of render to prepare it for a second coat

5. Applying the second coat of render to the wall

6. “Rubbing up” the second coat of render to a smooth finish to get it ready for painting.

We’re dedicated to the utmost customer satisfaction, all our building jobs no matter how big or small, are project managed right from the start providing you the hassle-free rendering service you want and deserve.

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