Using Wallpaper is an excellent way to give the finishing touches and that extra flair to any wall and turn it into a beautiful, stylish and decorative space.

We provide high-quality wallpaper installation to suit all your needs.

Wallpapering is one of our areas of expertise, and we can give you expert advice as to which wallpaper style would be more suitable for your home and provide a professional installation service, on time and on budget.

Our professional in-house staff are experienced in installing all wallcoverings.

From the standard paper-based wallpapers to the most delicate and demanding including:

  • Lining – It’s mainly used to hide cracks and minor wall imperfections.
  • Vinyl – Easy to clean and durable, vinyl paper is the most popular option in today’s decoration.
  • Grasscloth – Made with natural grasses and fibers, it’s very delicate, and it brings instant texture to any walls.
  • Fabric – Very stylish, it’s an easy option for accent walls.
  • Foil – Modern looking, it brings a shine and shimmer to any room.
  • Embossed – Perfect for adding depth and an interesting contrast to any decor.
  • Flock – With a velvet touch, it gives opulence and sophistication to very stylish designs.
  • Hand-Printed – Usually in very limited editions, it will add style and a touch of luxury to your home.

Relax, sit back, and let our experienced, skilled, and trained team do the job.

Let us help you enjoy a stress-free wallpaper installation. In every project, we always ensure that your furniture and floors are protected, and remove old wallpapers and paint before installing the new one.

The Wallpapering done by Odyssey Home Improvements includes many steps to guarantee that the finished result looks perfectly smooth without showing any bubbles.

Typical wallpapering tasks include:

  • Priming the surface
  • Removal of old wallpapers or paint
  • Caulking and sealing
  • Measuring & estimation of wallpaper needs
  • Picking a suitable wallpaper
  • Precise cutting of wallpaper
  • Hanging up of wallpaper

We always aim for perfection on every installation and will ensure you benefit from the high-quality finish you expect and deserve.

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