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If your house suffers from insufficient water pressure, installing a shower pump can be the solution to your problems. It will boost the overall pressure & water flow and achieve maximum performance from your house’s shower system.

A shower with a connected pump has a more powerful spray that not only will help to freshen you up in the morning but it will also be a great way to relax after a long day’s work, transforming your shower time into a memorable and invigorating experience.

Currently, there are two types of shower pumps available on the market, the single impeller and twin impeller pumps:

  • Single impeller pumps

The single impeller model is designed to pump one water supply, either cold, hot or a mixture of both after it has passed through the mixing valve in the shower, to give that extra boost and improve low-pressure water systems.

  • Twin impeller pumps

The twin impeller model is designed to pump both cold and hot water supplies at the same, to produce a more powerful and satisfying shower experience.

We are experts in the installation of shower pumps.

If you are looking to install a shower pump in your house, we can advise you and install the proper one that best suits your needs creating a well-designed system made specifically for you that will minimise noise, prevent air locks and provide you with a comfortable showering experience for many years to come.

Odyssey Home Improvements offers a professional and complete service and can install your new shower pump in your loft space, airing cupboard or in another area of your house that is close to the main water supply.

All of our installations are completed to the very highest standards of safety and workmanship by our highly qualified in-house staff.

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