"Water Tanks & Cylinders"


Even the best water tanks and cylinders can break which is why we at Odyssey Home Improvements offer hassle-free water tank and cylinder replacement and installation services.

Hot water cylinder replacement

The vast majority of homes use hot water cylinders to help meet their hot water needs, and even though hot water cylinders are built to last and usually only need to be replaced in case of a leak or to upgrade for more significant capacity, there comes a time when the best option is to just replace them.

Replacing your hot water cylinder will help you save up to 25% on your annual hot water fuel expenses. Modern hot water cylinders come much better-insulated which means that they will keep your stored water hotter for longer, and by doing so reduce your fuel bills.

Our seasoned professionals can install a new, modern hot water cylinder in your home that will make those days of waiting for the hot water to heat up a thing of the past.

Cold Water Storage Tank replacement

Cold water storage tanks are made to supply a house with the amount of water required for the hot water cylinder, showers/baths, and sinks.

There are many reasons why you would need to replace your water storage tank, the foremost being that the water tank is old and no longer safe to use.

Many older houses still have galvanised iron water storage tanks a material that corrodes quickly and leads to rust, with poorly fitting covers which could lead to dust and insects to pollute the water and make it unsafe to use and drink.

Luckily, things have changed, and new cold water storage tanks are now made from materials like plastic that, besides from being safer concerning possible water contamination are also more economical.

If you still don´t have one of the recent models of water storage tanks we strongly recommend that you contact us and we will come to your home and replace the old one you have installed to keep your cold water supply clean and safe.

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